4 Sacred Maya Rituals and Ceremonies in Mexico

The Maya civilization is known for its impressive architecture, remarcable art, and ahead-of-its-time astronomical system. However, there is one thing that made this culture so fascinating: its sacred rituals and ceremonies that took place in cenotes, pyramids, or in the middle of the jungle.

They believed in gods and goddesses that needed to be nourished with gifts and human blood. As a result, they had many rituals for different occasions. Some of the most important ones (that don’t require human sacrifices anymore) are:


  1. Kay Nikté Ceremony

This mystical ceremony takes place every 28 days; it involves copal, the light of a full moon, the water of a cenote, and the participation of a female Maya priest. Kay Nikté Maya Ceremony has the purpose of connecting people with the planet Earth and the Cosmos in a spiritual way.

The first step of this beautiful ceremony is to make a circle of candles underneath the moonlight, preferably in the jungle. Next, all of the participants should gather inside of the circle as the female maya priest pours fresh cenote water inside of a clay pot that represents Ixchel, goddess of fertility, love, medicine, water, and the moon. Finally, there will be some chants and prayers coming from the priests and that’s when all of the blessings will fall upon the participants.


  1. Saka Ritual

Saka is a Maya Sacred beverage made from corn and sweetened with honey bee. This is used as an offer for Chaac, god of rain, to give thanks or ask for a bountiful harvest. When participating in this cosmic ritual, you will accompany the Maya priests into the jungle where the Saka is placed, and once it is over, you can try it yourself to receive the rain god’s blessings. A great way to prepare before an important project like starting a business!


  1. Hanal Pixán Tradition

Hanal Pixán is an ancient celebration for the deceased that takes place from November 1st to 3rd. Just like Day of the Dead, it involves altars decorated with flowers and candles,  they usually also have the deceased’s favorite food and beverages along with its portrait.

A key element from The Hanal Pixán is Muc bi’pollo, this delicious traditional meal that resembles a large, circular tamal is prepared with chicken, pork, corn dough, and banana palm leaves. They  use the palm leaves to wrap the Muc bi’pollo and place it underground so it bakes there for a couple of hours.


  1. K’aam Nikté Wedding Ceremony

Can you imagine a wedding more beautiful and spiritual than one officiated by a Maya Shaman in the tropical paradise that is Mexico? These love binding ceremonies unite the couple’s spirits with those of the Cosmos and push away all negative forces they may encounter during their lives. A purification ritual is made beforehand with copal which is a sacred kind of incense.

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