Activities Around Halloween In Playa del Carmen

Activities Around Halloween In Playa del Carmen

Planning to visit Playa del Carmen around Halloween? You’ve come across the right post! If you’d like to know what the best activities for this trick-or-treating date, here is our top 3:


  1. Go Scary Clubbing

The Riviera Maya has some of the best clubs in the American continent such as Coco Bongo. If they are exciting every other day imagine how extra they go for Halloween!


With costume contests, dance battles, and special DJ mixes, these clubs become one of the best spots to spend Halloween around Playa del Carmen. Their famous contests have spectacular prices that go from a bottle of Moet Chandon to thousands of dollars!


Perhaps it might be worth it to pack a costume and try to impress the judges! Or just buy a Máscara de Luchador and blend in with the crowd.


  1. Ride an ATV through the Jungle


This one is Mr. Savvy’s favorite! There’s no better way to celebrate this spooky date than with a night ride through the mysterious Mexican jungle followed by a bonfire – perfect for telling horror stories while enjoying a snack -.


And that’s not it! This adventure is a tour that also includes Ziplines and a Maya Ceremony. First, you’ll get an adrenaline dose with the ziplines, and then you’ll sweat it all out in the traditional Temazcal. Not before a purification ritual carried out by a Maya Shaman.


  1. Check out the Activities at your Resort


If you’re visiting Playa del Carmen Halloween with your family, it could be a great idea to stay at your resort: Most hotels in Cancun and Playa del Carmen are eager to celebrate Halloween with their guests. These are some of the most common activities they offer:


  • Building Jack-O-Lanterns: Carving pumpkins is always exciting, but doing it at your hotel is even better because you don’t have to clean up the mess!
  • Making costume contests: Do your kids want to be astronauts? vampires? pirates? It doesn’t matter! A quick visit to the store and they’ll be ready for the contest.
  • Hosting haunted houses: There’s nothing better than a haunted house to kick off Halloween. Especially in a safe environment where your kids will be entertained instead of scared.
  • Trick-or-treating: Get ready for your kids to be on a sugar rush after this spectacular celebration!
  • Horror movie nights: If there’s a theater at your hotel, there will most likely be a special feature like the classic of classics: Rocky Horror Picture Show!


BONUS: Day of the Death!


Even though both holidays feature skeletons and tons of sweets, Día de Muertos is a different celebration where it is believed that the spirits come back to earth for a night to indulge in their favorite foods and drinks. So the living make altars full of Cempasúchil flowers, bread, incense and plenty of food.


Xcaret’s Festival of Life and Death is the perfect event for experiencing this colorful tradition. It starts a night before Halloween, and you shouldn’t worry about how to get there because Land Savvy’s private transfers have you covered.