At Leisure by Yacht to Islas Mujeres

  • Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo
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Isla Mujeres was discovered by the Spaniards in the year of 1517. With only 7 km long and just over a kilometer wide, it is part of the second largest barrier reef in the world.

In pre-Hispanic times the island was consecrated to “Ixchel” – Mayan Goddess of the Moon, Love and Fertility, which received offerings with feminine forms that believers deposited on their beaches. When the Spanish conquerors arrived and observed the figures, they baptized it as “Isla Mujeres”.

At the southern tip of the island there are vestiges of a Mayan temple dedicated to Ixchel to where the Mayan women had to make a pilgrimage as part of their ritual of passage from girl to woman.

Isla Mujeres was also a refuge and home to famous pirates and slave traders, such as Fermín Mundaca and Marecheaga. Born in Spain he took refuge in Isla Mujeres since 1860 after having acquired his fortune with the sale of slaves from Africa to Cuba to work in the sugar fields. At 51, when he saw the Trigueña, a girl with green eyes, tanned skin and a sculptural body, (she )he was flooded with ardent passion that led to a madness of love. Inspired by her beauty, he (and inspired by her she) built a hacienda with wells, arches and extensive gardens, however, the brunette never accepted Mundaca because of the great age difference. In the old cemetery his empty tomb is preserved, where the pirate made his own epitaph, the text reads; “What you are, I was” and “what I am, then you will be”.

Tour Description

Own your time to relax, this open tour offers you the opportunity to decide whether you want to stay full day or half day.

Be the captain of your sailing time to one of the most gorgeous beaches in the Turquoise Caribbean Sea, Playa Norte offers a white powder sand beach with a combination of quiet and tranquil waters with a small reef whit a variety of colorful fish at hand reach.

We charge this trip by the hour regardless of the number of passengers so if you want to make this a couple’s voyage or a trip with your friends, you will have fun both ways.

You must take this amazing opportunity and explore the Island at leisure, at your own pace

The yacht capacity is for 15 passengers