Mayan Ceremonies – Mayan Weddings

  • According to your need; however, we require a booking window of 10 days prior to the ceremony.
  • From 1 to 3 hours

Tour Description

The Mayan Civilization is well known for their development in math, astronomy, architecture and arts. However, there is something from this culture that makes it even more fascinating and it’s the importance given to their unique rituals and ceremonies, all these performed in sacred places such as cenotes, pyramids or amidst the jungle. The Mayan believed and still our days in Gods and Goddesses related to plants, animals, natural phenomena, Moon, Sun, stars, the Infra-world and their influence in their daily lives, activities and destiny.

These ceremonies are guided by a shaman, a spiritual guide, which invokes spirits, makes predictions, conjures and performs healing practices using occult powers and natural forces to cure, bless or protect those who ask for his help.

We are honored to know one of these shamans that lives in Cancun and has performed many ceremonies to bless, protect, help, heal those who look for his assistance.  Efrain is a father, a loving husband but also someone who has been blessed with the gift of helping others.

These ceremonies can be performed in the location of your choice; however we recommend a place where nature plays the primary role:  a cenote, the beach, an island, the jungle, a cave, the ocean, etc.. He utilizes various elements for purification and cleansing such as flowers, honey, tobacco, music, sounds, drums, chants, all these to create a sacred environment to heal body, sprit and soul.

If you are looking to bless any union or perform a ceremony, we will be happy to assist and customize it according to your wishes.

In general our cremonies include:

  • Personalizad talk  with the shaman
  • Energetic cleansing of all participants
  • Aura recalibration
  • Chakras alignment with herbs and sounds
  • Cleansing with quartz and tobacco
  • Offerings with flowers, honey, candles, fruits, candy
  • Sound healing with prayers, chants, drums, Tibetan bowls, bells and more.

Duration:  From 1 to 3 hours

Times: According to your need; however, we require a booking window of 10 days prior to the ceremony.

Suggested locations:

  • Beach
  • Jungle
  • Cenote
  • Private homes
  • Hotels
  • Gardens

Recommendations:  we suggest wearing White clothes.

Additional charges:

  • Transportation to the location is not included and Price will vary according to the distance between the location of the ceremony and the departure point.
  • Location fees should be covered by the client.


  • This will vary according to the number of participants, duration of the ceremony, location and many other factors. It is ideal to chat with the organizer first in order to ask for a customized quotation.

Should you have any question, Please check with us directly

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