SIAN KA AN – Heaven´s Door

  • Muyil
  • 3 - 4 Hours

The Sian Ka’an Reserve “Gate of Heaven” is a protected natural area declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987. Located approximately 20 to 30 minutes from Tulum, it is made up of limestone, which favors the outcrop of crystalline water wells known as “cenotes”, one of the majestic natural attractions of this region. On the coast, there are extensive white sand beaches and mangroves of varied species such as red, black, white and gray.

The ecosystem of this Reserve is called “Peten”, wetlands with masses of trees up to 30 meters high that are created due to the presence of fresh water springs, which sprout in the middle of brackish water marshes and allow the growth of large trees where there is also a variety of flora and fauna. In the middle of this paradise is the Mayan archaeological site of
Muyil (also known as Chunyaxché), possibly inhabited by the Itza, where artefacts and ceramic pieces from 350 BC have been found.

Muyil, located on the Laguna, had a strategic position on the Mayan commercial route and through a network of canals in this region, products such as jade, obsidian, chocolate, honey, feathers and certainly one of the most precious: salt.

Tour Description

Once on the edge of the lagoon, continue the journey by boat where local people tell you the stories and legends of the Petenes and how trade was carried out by these natural channels among the Mayan peoples.

We continue with the boat tour crossing several lagoons where you will understand, why this area is called the Puerta del Cielo, since the reflection of the clouds in the water often confuses and you do not know if you are on the earth or in the sky.

Our obligatory stop, a Ruin hidden in the middle of the jungle called “La Aduana” once there, you will discover that animals have engravings on the upper frieze. We put on our life jackets and continue to enjoy the scenery, let yourself be carried away by the natural current of the canal and enjoy the landscape that the petenes offer you with its mangroves, orchids, birds, herons, butterflies and others.

At the end of our tour our friend waits for us in the boat to get us back to the starting point in the first lagoon, where the Land Savvy driver will be waiting to take you back to the starting point, happier and more relaxed than at the beginning of the travel.

* The minimum number of passengers per reservation is 4 people and a maximum of 6 people.